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Giants Causeway and Belfast

I came back to Ireland! I was in this country two years ago and I couldn't see everything  I wanted to see. So I prepared my jouney to Ireland and I hired two excursions to see the Moer Cliffs and the Giants Causeway. Today, I'm going to write about my experience in the Giants Causeway and Belfast too. Are you ready? If you want to read the review in Spanish, you can do it here.

The first excursion I had on my holiday was to The Giants Causeway. This zone is in the north of the country and it is far away from Dublin. The day began with  strong rain (all of you will think that it's normal but in five days it only rained twice. So I'm happy for that.)

Returning to the subject, we put on our raincoats and we went out on the street. Our pants were soaked but we got on the bus. We bought a coffee to get warm and we were crossing the territory while the day was sunny.

We saw many cows and sheep on the road. The guide was a very nice man and he told us many interesting things about Irish People.

I assure you that nothing could have prepared me for The Giants Causeway.  Majestic, amazing and nature in it's pure state. How could I describe it? It's shocking to see the causeway with all these rocks in a cylindrical form. And all of this was created by nature!

We had to go down a steep slope (Some buses go down it but only one part.) From there it's walking the whole time. I'm warning you it's not a place to visit when the day is rainy. There is too much  mud and slippery rocks. But if you want to break a leg it's perfect for you.

How could you imagine... I was like the ibex up and down for the rocks. I walked a lot and I tried to forever remember the moment. You have to go with comfortable shoes because your feet will thank you.

From there we could see the part further north of Ireland but we could see Scotland  and I swear I had wanted to jump into the water and swim there,  until I saw it was 60 kilometres and I thought it would be great to arrive dry and on a plane.

I'm sure that the images I'm putting don't justice. Maybe because I'm really bad at taking pictures or because there is no way to take a picture with a lot of beauty. Pure air, colors, nature... For the people that live in a city it's like a dream. But I enjoyed it like a little girl!

Later, we went up to the bus and  we went to Belfast. The guide explained us about the clashes with IRA.The excursion include a panoramic view for the city and we saw the frontier (a high wall that separates two neighborhoods) and with wire on the top of the wall.

The guide  gave us time to get down and take some pictures of the wall. Right now, the wall has a lot of images painted on it.

Belfast is beautiful but I prefer Dublin. The second city is the most showy. Belfast is interesting for it's history. In this city, you can only pay in pounds because the zone belongs to England.
This journey was amazing! Sunny day, beautiful views, a nice temperature and a lot of irish history. What else we can ask for?

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